How to Connect your Database Remotely through SQL Management Studio?

Steps to remotely connect to your database using SQL Management Studio:

  • Launch Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

  • The "Connect to Server" dialog box will appear on the screen.

  • In the "Server type" list box, choose "Database Engine."

  • In the "Server name" text box, input the server name or IP address.

  • In the "Authentication" list box, opt for "SQL Server Authentication."

  • In the "Login" text box, enter the Microsoft SQL database username.

  • In the "Password" text box, provide the password.

  • To avoid re-entering the password with each connection, select the "Remember password" checkbox.

  • Finally, click on "Connect."

  • The database will be visible in the Object Explorer window.

That's the process for connecting to the database remotely through SQL Management Studio.

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