How to Park a Domain on a WHM Server?

A parked domain serves as an alias or secondary domain directing to a user's primary domain. The concept is straightforward: visitors to a parked domain are automatically redirected to the primary website. This guide demonstrates how to park a domain on your WHM server.

To Park a Domain:

  1. Sign in to your WHM root account.

  2. Navigate to DNS Functions in the menu.

  1. Select the "Park a Domain" option.

Here, you'll find the straightforward interface of the Park a Domain tool. 

Follow these steps to park a domain:

  • Choose the primary domain from the "Domain to park on top of" menu.

  • Input the Alias or domain you want to park into the "Domain to park" field.

  • Click on Submit.

Upon submitting your request, the system will process it and present a success message confirming the successful parking of the domain.

Note: It is recommended to register the domain name immediately after parking it. Ideally, this should be done before visitors attempt to access the parked domain.


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