Discover the Steps to Change a Password in Linux

Passwords play a crucial role in securing Linux systems. While Passwordless SSH may be a reliable alternative, a robust password remains an excellent choice for enhancing system security. This tutorial provides guidance on changing a password in Linux, covering the process for both the primary user and other users on your VPS.

Passwords in Linux

Linux, known for its robust security measures, relies on passwords like other operating systems. Two key directories manage passwords in Linux. The first is /etc/passwd, containing information about all users and their system group affiliations. To view its content, use the command:

cat /etc/passwd

The second file, /etc/shadow, is closely tied to passwords. It stores users' encrypted passwords and indicates if they have an SSH key. To access this information, use the command:

cat /etc/shadow

Using strong passwords is recommended to enhance security and prevent unauthorized access. If you suspect your password has been compromised, changing it regularly is advisable.

Command to Change a Password Linux

Changing a Unix password in Linux is a straightforward process requiring just one command. If you're a regular user, start by accessing your VPS through SSH. To change the password in Linux, open the terminal and execute the following command:

sudo passwd

After entering the command, you'll be prompted to input the new password twice. Notably, you can change the root password without specifying the user during this process.

Commands to Change a Password in Linux for Another User

For changing the password of another user on the same system, ensure you are logged in as a root user. Add the user's name to the passwd command, and you'll receive prompts to enter the new password twice. The command line looks like this:

passwd user_name

For instance, to change the password for a user named John:

passwd john

It's a simple process, and you have effectively updated the password.


Ensuring the security of your project involves changing passwords in Linux. The process is uncomplicated, whether you are changing the password for the root user or another user on the system. We recommend frequent password changes to maximize security.

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