How to Change IP Addresses of Multiple Sites/Accounts in WHM?

In certain scenarios, the need may arise to add a new IP address to your server or modify the shared IP address. Updating individual accounts manually is not necessary. WHM users have the capability to efficiently change IP addresses for multiple sites or accounts simultaneously.

To Change IP Addresses:

  1. Log in to WHM using your root account.

  2. Navigate to Multi Account Functions.

Two choices will be presented under Multi Account Functions.

  1. Select 'Change Multiple Sites’ IP Addresses.'

  1. Choose the checkbox next to the Domain to update the site’s IP address.

  2. Click on 'Change IPs of Selected Accounts.'

The details for the chosen accounts will be displayed.

  1. Pick a new IP address for each domain account from the dropdown list under 'New Address.'

  2. Conclude by clicking on 'Change IPs.'

This action will prompt WHM to modify the IP addresses for the selected multiple accounts.

Note: The process of changing IP addresses for multiple accounts may take some time, as the system will implement changes and adjust settings across different levels. This involves updating the DNS zone, configuring Apache based on the new IPs, and waiting for DNS propagation.

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