How to Create and Manage User Roles in Plesk?

Tailor the access levels for different user types on your hosting subscription by following these steps to configure, create, and manage User Roles:

Note: The example pertains to Plesk 18, but the steps remain consistent for other versions of Plesk.

  1. Log in to your Plesk account.

  2. Navigate to Users in the left-hand menu.

HostGators Plesk - Users

  1. Select the User Roles tab.

HostGators Plesk - Users Roles

Plesk automatically generates predefined user roles, which you have the flexibility to modify or create custom roles. Here's a brief overview of the default roles:

  • Owner: This user enjoys full access to all settings and server management functions.

  • WebMaster: Users in this role can manage assigned subscriptions, including tasks such as creating new websites and configuring DNS records, mail, and FTP. However, WebMasters cannot create new Plesk users or manage roles.

  • Application User: A user with restricted access.

  • Accountant: This role offers the most limited access in Plesk. Accountants can only view details of assigned subscriptions and lack the ability to modify any settings.

  1. To craft your own custom role, simply click on the "Create User Role" button.

HostGators Plesk - Create Users Roles

  1. In the designated text box labeled "User role name," enter the desired role name within the "General" category.

HostGators Plesk - Create User Role

  1. Within the "Access to Plesk Services" section, you have the option to choose the permissions you want to either grant or deny to the user.

HostGators Plesk - Create User Role

  1. After finishing, click the OK button. 

You will then find the newly created role in the list, ready for immediate use!

HostGators Plesk - Create User Role List

To manage or edit User Roles, follow these steps:

  1. In the user roles list, choose the role name to edit permissions.

  2. Under the "Access to Plesk Services" section, select the permissions to grant or deny the user.

  3. After making changes, click the OK button to save your modifications.


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