How to Enable/Disable Demo Mode for an Account from WHM?

cPanel stands out as one of the most user-friendly control panels. Allowing your clients to experience cPanel through a demo can significantly enhance your selling proposition. By enabling demo mode for an account in your WHM root, you provide them with a hands-on preview.

In a demo cPanel account, clients can explore all the features of the control panel without the ability to modify files or folders.

To Enable Demo Mode:

  1. Log in to your WHM root account.

  2. Navigate to the Account Functions option in the navigation menu.

  1. Select 'Manage Demo Mode.'

If the demo mode for the domain is currently disabled, you can enable it.

  1. Click on 'Enable.'

WHM will activate the demo mode for the account and configure its settings accordingly.

The account will now function in demo mode until you choose to disable it.

To Disable Demo Mode:

  1. Choose the Account Functions option from the navigation menu."

  1. Select 'Manage Demo Mode.'

  1. If the demo mode is currently active or enabled for the account, you will find the 'Disable' button. Click it!

In a simple click, WHM will deactivate or disable the demo mode for the account.

Naturally, it will also restore all account privileges and perform the necessary configurations, bringing the account back to full operational status.

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