How to Create Global Email Filters for Your Domain from CPanel

Rather than configuring filters individually for each account, Global Email Filters allow you to apply filters to all email accounts within a specific domain. In this guide, we detail how to set up Global Email Filters via cPanel.

To Set Global Email Filters:

  1. Log in to your cPanel account.

  2. Navigate to Global Email Filters under the EMAIL section.

  1. Select 'Create a New Email Filter.'

It opens a form where you can customize the filter.

  • Enter a Filter Name.

Note: If you use a filter name similar to an existing one, it will overwrite the previous filter.

Set Rules to filter emails.

  • Choose the action for the filtered email under Actions.

  • You can add or remove new Actions or Rules by clicking the '+' or '-' button beside them.

  • Apply conditions (and/or) to trigger multiple Actions or Rules.

  1. Click 'Create' when you have configured the desired settings.

The system will establish the Global Email Filter and display a success message. These filters will be applied to all email accounts under your cPanel account.

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