Mitt internet fungerar inte, vad gör jag?

Task list before contacting technical support

For us to best help you, we require some steps to be done before we do the more technical troubleshooting methods.

When the connection dosen't work at all

  • Check our status page to see if there is any announced disturbances
  • Reboot all your network equipment and confirm that everything is connected properly
  • Try connecting a computer with a Ethernet cable directly to the LAN1 port of the Broadband Premises Equipment
  • Try replacing your network cable with a new one

Take notes of what LEDs are on/active on the Broadband Premises Equipment.

WAN LED - indicates that you have a physical connection with the operators network switch.
LAN LED - indicates that your equipment is physically connected.

When you experience a low performing connection

  • Check our status page to see if there is any announced disturbance
  • Compare your experience on your different devices
  • Make sure to measure your network performance with a computer directly connected to your Broadband Premises Equipment to better determine if it is your Internet Service Provider or your local equipment that is causing the lower performance
  • Try measuring your speed with and

When sending a trouble ticket to us, please provide screenshot of the results of your tests and describe what you have done, so we don't have to ask you these questions again and can better help you solve your issue.

Contact with technical support

You can submit a support request here or call us at +46 650 - 40 2000

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