How to Grant Compiler Access to Users via WHM?

C compilers are typically available on a hosting server with access limited to the root user. Nevertheless, using WHM, it is feasible to expand compiler access to other users.

To Grant Compiler Access:

  1. Log in to your WHM root account.

  2. Navigate to the menu and choose "Security Center."

  1. Choose "Compiler Access."

  1. Select the "Allow specific users to use the compilers" link in the Configure section.

The Manage Compiler Group interface will appear, allowing you to enable or disable compiler access for users based on their group.

  1. Choose the user you wish to grant compiler access to from the "Add a user to the compiler group" list and click "Add to Group."

WHM will show a success message confirming the addition of the user to the compiler group.

It's evident that users within this group will now have compiler access to your WHM hosting.

To deactivate compiler access:

Select the user from the list labeled "Remove a user from the compiler group" and then click on "Remove from Group."

As a result, WHM will show a success message and remove the user from the compiler group.

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