How to Disable PHP Functions from WHM Panel?

This article demonstrates the process of deactivating specific PHP functions on your server through WHM to enhance security. Some PHP functions can be exploited by hackers on web hosting servers, posing potential risks. While these functions are not inherently malicious, it is advisable to disable them as a precautionary measure to bolster overall security. 

Follow these steps to disable PHP functions:

  1. Access your WHM account by logging in.

  1. Select the category titled "Software."

  1. "MultiPHP INI Editor" is the option that you should select.

  1. Choose the "Editor Mode."

  1. Choose the relevant "PHP version" from the provided dropdown menu.

  1. The INI settings corresponding to the selected PHP version will be displayed.

  1. Utilize "Ctrl+F" to open the search box, and then search for "disable_functions."

  1. Input the following to deactivate the PHP functions.

  1. Subsequently, press the "Save" button.

  1. An achievement message will be displayed as follows.

This method represents the simplest and most fundamental way to deactivate PHP functions in WHM.

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