How to Enable/Disable AutoSSL for Specific Users from WHM Panel?

WHM administrators can offer users on their cPanel servers complimentary SSL certificates (Powered by Sectigo). Enabling or disabling AutoSSL through the WHM panel is all that is required. 

AutoSSL, a cPanel utility, autonomously creates and renews free cPanel SSL certificates (Powered by Sectigo) every three months for users and domains. It conducts regular audits of installed certificates, replacing those nearing expiration. The application also evaluates the security standards of these certificates and rejects any that fail to meet the baseline security requirements.

To Activate/Deactivate AutoSSL:

  1. Access your WHM root account.

  2. Navigate to the SSL/TLS option in the menu.

  1. Select "Manage AutoSSL."

The AutoSSL management panel will open, presenting various tools and options for the utility.

  1. Navigate to the AutoSSL Providers section.

  2. Choose between Disabled or cPanel (powered by Sectigo) to disable or select the AutoSSL Provider.

  3. Click the "Save" button to keep your changes.

Continuing forward, managing the utility for specific user accounts involves enabling or disabling it.

  1. Click on the "Manage Users" tab.

This tab comprises AutoSSL configuration parameters for each user account on your server.

To adjust an account's AutoSSL option, choose it.

Choose from one of the three options:

  • Enable AutoSSL

  • Disable AutoSSL

  • Return to the Feature List Reset to the original setting.

It's evident that users with AutoSSL disabled will not receive complimentary SSL certificates from cPanel.

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