How to Use PTR Record with VPS?

Before delving into the usage of PTR records with VPS, it's essential to understand what a PTR record is.

So, what exactly is a PTR record?

You might be familiar with Domain Name System (DNS) records such as A records and hostnames. A PTR record is another type of DNS record, akin to an A record. However, unlike the A record, which associates a domain name with an IP address, a PTR record performs the reverse: it associates/resolves an IP address to a domain or hostname.

Consider this scenario: You're searching for a domain, let's say, with the IP address using your browser. The A record assists your computer in recognizing that it should redirect you to the corresponding IP address, in this case, Once that association is resolved, the PTR record promptly redirects you from the IP address back to the domain

Here's how it works:

Browser search term>> A record = IP address

IP address>> PTR record = domain

How to Add a PTR Record?

You can create a PTR record on the server side with your MilesWeb VPS order. Access the Server Management section to add a PTR record. After creating the PTR record, it will initiate DNS propagation, and it may take up to 24 hours for the changes to reflect across all your nameservers.

What is Required to Establish a PTR Record?

The primary requirement for configuring a PTR record is a dedicated IP address. As a result, only users of VPS or dedicated hosting have the ability to create/set a PTR record.

Moreover, it is more feasible to establish a reverse DNS for a specific IP only when that IP address is directed towards the designated domain. Recall our previous conversation about "What is a PTR record?" with the scenario?

To set up a PTR record for your domain hosted on a VPS, follow these steps:

  1. Add an A record to link the domain to the IP address of your VPS.

  2. Allow time for the completion of DNS propagation.

  3. Add a PTR record in your VPS settings.

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