How to Start, Stop or Restart VPS from Launchpad Dashboard?

Users can manage their VPS server using Launchpad. In addition to configuring the server's settings, you can start, stop, and restart the VPS through Launchpad.

  1. Log in to your Launchpad account.

  2. Hover your cursor over the green dot next to the server in the list. A menu with various icons will appear.

C:\Users\rahul\Downloads\16 (1).jpg

Each icon performs a specific action. Let's examine them individually.

  • The icon you see here is the Stop icon. Click on it to halt the VPS.

  • This icon represents the Restart function. Click on it to initiate a restart of the VPS.

  • This icon serves as the Start/Turn Off function. Click on it to either start or turn¬† 

An alternative method is to access VPS Information:

  1. Click on the arrow icon next to the server in the list.

C:\Users\rahul\Downloads\15 (1).jpg

  1. The icons are located in the right corner, as depicted below. Take the necessary action as needed.

C:\Users\rahul\Downloads\14 (1).jpg

If you configure certain settings or encounter troubleshooting issues, you may need to stop, restart, turn off, and then start the VPS.

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